Trivandrum, Kerala, India Campus

Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Campus at Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Trivandrum, Kerala, India Campus


Happiness Program with Senior Teacher Sreekanth Sir


Campus : Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Program Start Date 27/02/2024

Program End Date 03/03/2024

Arrival Date 27/02/2024

Departure Date 03/03/2024

Teacher: Sreekanth S.(KL0053)

Description: Gurudev's Visit Special Happiness Program With Senior Teacher Sreekanth Sir   Course Time = Evening 6.00   Why this workshop? The Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya Breath and Meditation Workshop : a uniquely powerful combination If you’re struggling to stay happy, calm and focused, it can be hard to break the cycle. If you feel trapped, frustrated or overwhelmed in your life... you can’t just ‘wish it away’. Deep down, you know it’s time to make a change. Through a tried and tested combination of yoga, powerful breathing exercises, meditation and practical wisdom, the Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya Breath and Meditation Workshop will help you live life the way you’ve always wanted to: Calmly, confidently, and armed with the tools you need to deal with whatever life throws at you. For Further Details Please Contact - 8281446838, 0471 3575426, 9447249434, 9746663952

Requirements: 18Years and above

By proceeding further, you agree that the
participant may be disqualified to attend/complete the program
if the program requirements are found to be not met.